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When to Come,Ethiopia

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Ethiopia is a country that offers natural beauty, cultural diversity and an incredibly rich history. Travel to Ethiopia and discover the buzzing markets of Addis Ababa, the ancient city of Axum, the marvelous rock hewn churches of Lalibela, the medieval castles of Gondar, The Blue Nile falls, monasteries on  Lake Tana ,  the walled Muslim city of Harar, the extra ordinary Danakil Depression,  the untouched cultures of the rift valley / Omo Regions and many more.

This section helps you plan your trip to Ethiopia.

When to Come

This can depend on where you are going. In historic/Northern routes, the main rainy season falls between June to the end of September and between March and May in Omo Regions. January is the best month for Religious Festivals (Gena/ Xmas & Timkat/Epiphany.)