Surma – Gambella Ethnological Tour 14 Days

Surma – Gambella Ethnological Tour 14 Days

Donga: is a stick fighting festival of the Surma young men. At a fight, each challenger is armed with a hardwood stick. Each player beats his opponent with his stick as many times as possible with the intention of knocking him down, and eliminating him from the game. Players are usually unmarried men. The winner will be carried on a platform of poles to a group of girls waiting at the open field. The winner holds the privilege to ask among those girls for his own wife. The young Surma men & girls paint their bodies with a mixture of varied chalks – prepared by them. The Surma women are well-known for piercing their lips and inserting a large wooden and clay plate into it. Surma ethnic’s culture is beyond what we are experiencing in the current civilized world. Surma and Mursi ethnics exercise the same culture. Donga – stick fighting is often in every September. (Note that information will be gathered if there will be a Donga Fighting festival during your Surma visit.)

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Drive to Jima, Mizan Teferi, Surma tribes, Gambella, Ambo, Wonchi Crater Lake …


Program: Surma and Gambella circuit

Tour Code: Akobo 01

Duration: 13Nights (14 Days)

Transportation: Land

Tour starts: Addis Ababa

Tour Ends: Addis Ababa

Day1: Arrival/ Addis Ababa: Arrive in the evening transfer to your Hotel. Overnight – at chosen hotel – Addis Ababa

After breakfast; drive to Jima (West of Addis Ababa). Stopover at the magnificent and picturesque Gibe gorge. In Jima; Visit the Jima Aba Jifar Museum/Palace. Overnight – at chosen hotel – Jima  

Day3: Jimma – Mizan Teferi – Bebeka (225 Km): Drive from Jimma to Mizan Teferi/Bebeka. Along the road; overlook coffee, tea and spice production. Overnight – at chosen hotel l- Bebeka/Mizan Teferi

Day4: Tum: Drive from Bebeka to Tum. On the way, visit Bebeka Coffee plantation. Night -camping – Tum

Day5: Tum – Maji – Surma Market:  Morning; drive from Tum to Maji. On the way visit some villages of Dizi. At the middle of the day; attend the Saturday market in Maji. This Market is most popular amongst ethnical markets in the River Omo region. Explore Surma and Menit tribes in the market.  Overnight – Tented Camp – Maji

Day6: Kibish: Drive from Maji to Kibish. Arrive in Kibish via Tulgit. Night- camping – Kibish

Day7: Full day for Surma Tribes:  Full day excursion. Discover the life style of The Surma people in their villages. The Surma women are best known for inserting round clay plates in their lips. Night-Camping – Kibish

Day8: Bebeka Guest House: Drive from Kibish to Bebeka/Mizan Teferi. Overnight – at chosen hotel – Bebeka/Mizan Teferi

Day9: Mizan Teferi/Bebeka – Gambella: Drive from Mizan Teferi to Gambella. Overnight – at chosen hotel – Gambella

Day10: Agnuak ethnics: Full day Excursion for the Agnuak. Overnight – at chosen hotel – Gambella

Day11: Nuer ethnics: Excursion for the Nuers’ life style.  The Nuer people are largely livestock dependent and are mostly found in Akobo; Jikawo and Itang. Overnight – at chosen hotel – Gambella

Day12: Gambella – Nekemete: Drive from Gambella to Nekemete. Overnight – at chosen hotel – Nekemete

Day13: Nekemete – Addis: Drive from Nekemete to Addis Ababa. On the way, visit Guder waterfalls and Wonchi Crater Lake. Overnight – at chosen hotel – hotel – Addis

Day14: Departure

 Notice: This itinerary can be amended upon request

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