Sodere hot springs

Sodere hot springs

 Program: Sodere hot springs

Tour Code: Entoto 12

Duration: Full Day    
Transportation: Land

Day1: after Breakfast, we set off driving on the south east road for the host springs resort of Sodere, which lies along the Awash River. There is a large naturally heated swimming pool( people of Addis pass their week – end here), and a number of smaller pools throughout the grounds of the resort.  Vervet monkeys and baboons are common in the resort, and visitors can see crocodiles basking along the banks of the Awash River.  The forests which fringe the river are also good for birds – there are about 10 endemics to be seen, including Black Winged Love Bird, White Collared Pigeon, Abyssinian Woodpecker, Abyssinian Cat Bird, Yellow Fronted Parrot, Abyssinian Wax Bill.  We will set off back to Addis Ababa in late afternoon. Sodere gets rather noisy at the weekends – so be warned!

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