Discover Wondo Genet Hot spring 

Discover Wondo Genet Hot spring 

Program: Wondo Genet

Tour Code: Entoto 15

Duration: 2 Days    
Transportation: Land

Day 1:  after Breakfast, we set off, driving through Debre Zeit and by the lakes of Koka, Ziway Langano, Abijata – Shalla and Shashemene to Wondo Genet.  Shashemene is situated at a cross roads, with roads north south and east west.  It is also home to a Rastafarian community from the Caribbean.  The last Emperor Haile SellassieI granted them land here in perpetuity. We e proceed to Wondo Genet/place of heaven/. Wondo Genet is a well developed hot springs resort.  The hot water comes pushing out of the rocks and you can stand underneath for a natural hydro massage. It is also a naturally heated swimming pool.  The scenery around the lodge is hilly and forested largely with Juniper tree.  While most visitors may prefer to relax around the spa, there are some very good walks in the hills, with plenty of bird life – the endemic Yellow-fronted Parrot, the Black-headed Forest Oriole and the Golden-backed Woodpecker can easily be seen, along with the Redwing Starling, Grosbeak Weaver, Mountain Wagtail and Black Roughwing Swallow – and wildlife – Colobus and velvet monkeys, Anubis baboon and bushbuck. Spectacular sunsets can be seen around the area, with a great view of Lake Awassa.

Day 2: Make more relaxation trekking in the forest.  After taking lunch in the hotel, we return back to Addis Ababa.  We will take a stopover at Lake Langano, and arrive in Addis Ababa late afternoon.

Itinerary can be amended upon request

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