Chebera Churchura National Park 17 Days

Chebera Churchura,Buffalo

Chebera Churchura National Park

Chebera Churchura National Park 17 Days

Maze National Park, Omo Valley Tribes, Mago Park, Awash National Park 


Program: Culture & wildlife trip

Code: Wildlife 06

Duration: 16 Nights (17 Days)

Transportation: Land (4WD)

Accommodation: Hotel, Lodge & Tent

Tour starts: Addis Ababa

Tour ends: Addis Ababa

Day 1: Arrival/ Addis Ababa & City Tour of Addis Ababa. Overnight – at chosen hotel – Addis Ababa

Day 2: Drive to Arba Minch. On the way, visit Dorze Village. Overnight – Chosen hotel/lodge- Arba Minch

Day 3: Discover Lake Chamo for hippo, Crocodiles & white pelican and Nechisar National park. Overnight – Chosen hotel/lodge- Arba Minch

Day 4: Turmi

Drive to Turmi for main southern tribes. On the way, visit Konso Village, Key Afer, Weito valley and Arbore tribes. Overnight – at chosen lodge – Turmi

Day 5:  drive to Omo National park, crossing the Omo River by a ferry (vehicles and all materials will be loaded), on the way, visit the Dassenech Tribes, Karo tribes at Kolcho and Dus villages, Nyangatom and Surma tribes( after River Omo) . Overnight – tented camp – Omo Park

Day 6 & Day7:  discover the Omo National Park for expected wildlife: Buffalo, Swayne Hartebeest, elephant, leopard, cheetah, lions, kudu, dik- dik, and hyena, monkeys – such as velvet monkeys, common monkeys, Colobus Monkeys ….and birdlife. Note that there could be a Donga Fighting amongst the Surma Tribes during your visit.  Based on the accomplishment of the target mission, you may attend the astonishing stick fighting. For the wildlife, an experienced wildlife guide will also join at the park’s head office. Overnight- tented camp– Omo Park  

Day 8:  Drive back and cross Omo River and continue to Turmi or Murule. Overnight – Lodge – Turmi or Murule.

Day 9 & Day 10:  Mago National park

Drive from Turmi or Murule to Mago National Park for expected wildlife: Buffalo, elephant, kudu, dik-dik, monkeys…also for Mursi tribes. Overnight – tented camp – Mago National Park

Day 11:  Maze National park

Direction from Mago Park towards Maze National Park via the short dirt road that connects  Maze national Park ( 150km). Overnight – tented camp – MNP 

Day 12: Swayne’s Hartebeest

Maze national Park is covered by savannah grassland. The park is primarily designed to protect the endemic Swayne’s Hartebeest’s population. Mammals such as Orbi, Bohor, red buck, warthog, bushbuck, waterbuck, greater kudu, lesser kudu, bush pig, Anibus baboon, vervet monkey, leopard, and wild cats are much probable to seen.  Overnight – tented camp – MNP

Day 13: Chebera Churchura National park

Game View and rive from Maze National Park to Chebera Churchura National park via Sodo –Chida – Amaya – then to the park. Overnight – Tented camp – possibly at Filwuha campsite – CCNP

Day 14- Hippopotamus and Cape buffalo nearby Lake Bulo

Drive and walk towards Lake Bulo for the African elephant, hippopotamus, Cape buffalo, lion, and leopard. Overnight: tented camp – nearby Lake Bulo 

Day 15- Shoshuma campsite

Drive and game view towards Shoshuma Campsite, especially for elephants. Overnight: tented camp –Shoshuma – campsite. 

Day 16:  Addis Ababa

Drive from Chebera Churchura National Park to Addis Ababa via Jimma Road. Lunch in Jimma. Overnight – at chosen hotel – Addis Ababa

Day 17:  Departure

Based on departure time, transfer to Addis Ababa Bole International Airport for departure (end of the trip)

This tour can be amended upon request

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