Culture Mursi and Surma

South and Omo Valley Tribes


South and Omo Valley Tribes

The Omo valley is situated in the south & southwest of Addis Ababa, which passes through the Great Rift Valley and offers the most attractive and beautiful landscape scenery in the region.

The Omo region is home for most nomadic and semi-nomadic people with different fascinating ethnic groups like the Hammer, Mursi, Karo, Dassenech, Surma, Bena, Ari, Tsemay, Bodi and others. 

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Arba Minch town, located at 505 km South of Addis Ababa was founded in the early 1960s by then Fitawrari Aemeroselasie Abebe and the city succeeded Chencha as the provincial capital of Gamu-Gofa, Arba Minch received its name for the abundant local springs which produce a groundwater forest. Arba Minch. It is situated within the Great African Rift Valley System at an elevation of about 1285 meters above sea level. Arba Minch is warm year around with moderate climate during winter. Arba Minch town is easily accessible by plane. Ethiopian airlines flies three times a week from capital Addis Ababa and it takes only about 45 minutes flight. Arba Minch is also accessible by buses; 4WD.  On the eastern side of Sikela is the gate to Nechisar National Park, which covers the isthmus between Lake Abaya to the north and Lake Chamo to the south.  

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