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Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Dear Clients;

Your Agent is honest— we pledge to give you all available information to the best of our knowledge regarding the products you are interested in. Realistic expectations make great vacation experience — that is our goal for our guests.

Why Choose Action Tours?

  • Action Tours is owner-operated and has been in the Tourism Industry for 23 years.
  • What we speak or write to you – is what we do.
  • We are experienced, friendly and committed by profession.
  • Great understanding in Communication gives us access to visitors.
  • We have explored the whole Ethiopian tourist destinations.
  • Uses a large  fleet of selected  Toyota 4 x 4 challenge ready cars & tourist buses
  • Provides full Camping & Cooking gears
  • We know all Ethiopian active tour companies — we can help you make appropriate selections based on your expectations, your comfort zone, and your budget.
  • We help you select the trip appropriate for you.
  • Action Tours is fully licensed, and insured.
  • We are proud of our high level of customer service.
  • Action Tours  represents quality and trusted tour operators in the country.

Policy:  High Customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, high quality services, setting and updating international standards, reliability between any parties are just some of our strongest policies.

Ethiopia for Vacation: Travel Ethiopia: Addis Abeba/Ababa, Entoto Mariam Church, Debre Libanos & the Blue Nile Gorge, town of Ambo, Wonchi Crater Lake  & Lake,Guder waterfalls, Wollisso,Senbete (Sunday) Market, Debre Birhan Church and Palace of MenelikII in Ankober, Menagesha Forest and Addis Alem , Melka Kunture, Adadi Mariam and Tiya Stele,Debre Zeith: Lake Bishoftu & Lake Hora, Mount Zuqwala, Sodere hot springs, Awash National Park, Ziway, Langano, Abijata – Shalla  National Parks, Wondo Genet, Lake Awassa, Yirgalem Forest, Surma – Gambella,Jimma, Mizan Teferi – Bebeka,Kibish,Maji,Tulgit,Dizi, Tum – Maji – Surma Market,Agnuak,Nuer, Nekemte,Surma, Simien Mountains National Park: Walia ibex, Simien jackal / Abyssinian wolf, Gelada Baboon,Gondar: Emperor Fassiladus Castles, Mintwab Palace, Fassiladus Swimming pool, Church od Debre Birhan,Felash / Jews Village,  Bahir Dar: Monasteries on Lake Tana, Blue Nile waterfalls,Amhara Villages, Palace of Emeror haile Selassie I in Bahir Dar/at hill top of Bezawit/,Tana, Cherkos,Kibran,Ura Kidanmihret,Daga Sitifanos,Narga Selassie, ,Debre Sina in Gorgora, Wanzaye Hot Springs, Tekeze River Gorge, Axum: Axum Obelisk, Ezana Park, Ezana Inscription, tomb of kaleb, the ark of the covenant, Mariam Tsion / Mary of Zion in Axum, Abba pentelion, Nine Saints, Adwa escarpments, temple of Yeha, Debre Damo, Dugum Selassie, Abraha we Atsebha, Wukro Cherkos, Mekelle, Palace off JohannesVI, Danakil/Dalol Depression, Berahile, Hamed Ela, Arte Ale – active volcano, Afdera, Lake Abbe, Lalibela: Yimrahine Kristos,Asheten,Nakuto Laab, Saint George Monastery, town of Bati ( Bati Camel Market), Fentale Filwuha / hot springs, Harar, Babile Elephant Sanctuary, Dakatta rock formation, Camel market in Babile,Dire Dawa, Laga Oda Cave paintings, Omo Valley/  tribes in the great Rift valley: Borena Oromo, Debluck, Elsod, Yabello,Yirgalem, Tutu Fela Stele,Dorze, Ethiopian Somali, Konso,Turmi – Hamar/Hamer, Arbore,Jinka, Mursi, Mago National Park, Hana Mursi,Karo,Dus, River Omo, River Baro,Dassench/ Gelab,Omorate,Nyangaten/ Nyangatom, River Omo, Omo National Park, Adikas,Surma market in Maaji. Nechsar National Park,Gambella National Park,Yangu Di Rasa National Park, Bale Mountains  national Park for: trekking, mountain Nyala, Abyssinian Wolf. 

 Action Tours  – a reliable tour provider to /nearby Ethiopia!

A Trust Worthy Tour Company for your tour Ethiopia! Join Us Now!!

Best regards;

Misganaw Alelign

Tourism Manager

Action Tours

info@actiontourethiopia.com , inactiontours@gmail.com , actiontours@yahoo.com




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Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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